Frequently Asked Questions

Please take time to read over the frequently asked questions and answers below as it contains important information about CBL International Oxbridge Programmes.

CBL International Oxbridge Programmes Courses

  • How do I book a course?

  • Can I partake in multiple courses?

    • Who can participate in CBL International Oxbridge Programmes?

    • What kind of group of students do I join?

    • Are there any prerequisites for taking part in our programmes?

    • What language are the lectures in?

    • Are there mandatory examinations?

    • What happens outside of lectures?

    • Will I receive a certificate of attendance and achievement?

    • Will I receive credits?

    Arrival & Departures

    • Do I need a visa to travel to the UK?

    • How do I get to Oxford?

    • How do I get to Cambridge

    • When should I arrive on my programme in the UK?

    • What happens on the day of arrival?

    • What happens on the day of departure?


    • Where will I be staying during the programme?

    • What is the Full Board Option?

    • Can I use the kitchen and laundry facilities?

    • Are the colleges secure?

    Payments & Cancellation

    • What are my payment options?

    • What is included in the tuition and accommodation fees?

    • What is the refund policy?