The following faculty have contributed to CBL International Oxbridge Programmes among many others:

hawkinsProfessor Keith Hawkins
Professor emeritus of Law and Society
Fellow of Oriel College
Faculty of Law, University of Oxford (UK)

Keith Hawkins is Professor Emeritus of Law and Society at Oxford University, Fellow Emeritus of Oriel College, Oxford, and Visiting Professor at the Centre for Risk and Regulation at the London School of Economics. His research is concerned with the sociology of legal processes, and specifically with legal decision-making.
His work has mostly been conducted in areas of criminal justice and in governmental regulation, especially in environmental protection and occupational health and safety.


pitkethlyDr Robert Pitkethly
St Peter’s College
University of Oxford, UK

Dr Robert Pitkethly, MBA INSEAD, MA DPhil Oxf, MSc Stirling, teaches on the 1st year General Management course as well as teaching Strategic Management and Management of Intellectual Property.
He has been a visiting fellow at the Institute of Intellectual Property and the National Institute of Science and Technology Policy in Tokyo and a research fellow of Cambridge University’s Judge Institute of Management Studies where he carried out research into the acquisition of UK companies by foreign companies. He has worked both as a Patent Attorney and as a Management Consultant with a wide range of industries. His current research interests bridge the fields of strategic management and intellectual property and include managerial aspects of intellectual property policy.


anzhelaDr Anzhela Cedelle
Said Buisness School
University of Oxford, UK

 Dr Anzhela Cedelle (nee Yevgenyeva) is a Research Fellow at the Oxford University Centre for Business Taxation. She conducts research on various aspects of taxation and EU law with a particular interest in the intersection of these two fields. Anzhela lectures on tax law issues for postgraduate students at the University of Oxford and the Queen Mary University of London, and she teaches EU Law for undergraduate students at Oxford colleges. She is the Managing Editor of the looseleaf encyclopedia D. Vaughan and A. Robertson (eds.), The Law of the EU (Oxford University Press), and one of the convenors of the Oxford EU Law Discussion Group and CBT Tax Research Seminars.


grauDr Bernardo Cuenca Grau
Department of Computer Science
Oriel College
University of Oxford, UK

Bernardo Cuenca Grau is a Full Professor of Computer Science and a Supernumerary Fellow at Oriel College. He also holds a prestigious University Research Fellowship awarded by the Royal Society. Professor Cuenca Grau joined the Department of Computer Science from the University of Manchester. His research interests are in Artificial Intelligence and Information Systems; in particular, his research focuses on logics for Knowledge Representation, semantics-based technologies, and their applications. His research covers a wide spectrum within these areas, which includes theory and foundations, algorithm design, tool development, technology standards, and end-user applications. He has published over 100 articles in leading academic journals and conferences.


Sabrina Anjara

Sabrina is the first Gates Cambridge Scholar from Indonesia. Currently, she is a second year PhD student at the Cambridge Institute of Public Health. As an ASEAN scholar, Sabrina completed her secondary education in Singapore before pursuing her undergraduate studies in Australia. Having worked in academia and civil service, Sabrina has a keen eye for detail and the ability to explain abstract concepts with clarity and simplicity. She is also a World Economic Forum Global Shaper and in 2016 a Visiting Fellow at Universitas Gadjah Mada.


john-dunnProfessor John Dunn
Faculty of Politics
Fellow of King’s College
University of Cambridge (UK)

Professor John Dunn is a professor for politics with the Department of Politics and International Studies (POLIS) at University of Cambridge, UK. He is a fellow of King’s College Cambridge and  his research interests are Rethinking modern political theory; the historical formation and intellectual weakness of liberal and socialist conceptions of political value and political possibility; explaining the political trajectories of the varieties of modern states; political thought of Locke; and the historical development and current significance of democracy in different parts of the world.

His latest book ‘Setting the People Free: The Story of Democracy’ was published in 2005.


alexandra-bocseAlexandra Maria Bocse
Trinity College
University of Cambridge (UK)

Alexandra Bocse has worked and volunteered for different governmental and intergovernmental organisations. She was a Robert Schuman Fellow with the Directorate General for External Policies of the European Parliament working in this capacity on the EU Foreign Policy towards new and emerging democracies. She has worked in research for the United Nations University – Comparative Regional Integration Studies, Bruges and researched on the role of the European Union as a regional actor with global aspirations in the field of security, as well as on the regional integration trends around the Atlantic and the implications of these trends for the European Union Foreign Policy. Alexandra has also worked in the past for the United Nations Development Programme and the British Embassy in Bucharest, the Political and European Affairs Section.