About CBL International Oxbridge Programmes


CBL International Oxbridge Programmes offers outstanding summer programmes for high school, college and university students, and adults in the beautiful cities of Oxford (UK) and Cambridge (UK). Delegates from all over the world have been participating in our study abroad programmes and we are committed to offering you a unique study experience. Our team composes cutting-edge courses every year involving great academics from universities around the world and faculty from the University of Oxford (UK) and University of Cambridge (UK). Additionally we offer great excursions, thrilling evening talks, lots of fun with our cultural and evening activities, and cosmopolitan atmosphere with students from all continents attending these unique summer courses.

Choose your own courses from a variety of fields including Law, Politics, Economics, International Relations, Business, Medicine, British History and more as well as meet new friends from all over the world. Like-minded students participate in this once in a lifetime experience. Each session is two weeks where you are welcome to combine multiple sessions to make up very own unique programme for up to 10 weeks in the United Kingdom. To get started, simply fill out an application or contact one of our consultants.

Each programme offers our delegates the opportunity to visit a variety of British landmarks and experience English culture. We have brought students to international law firms and banks in London, visited the seaside at Brighton, and walked in the steps of many scholars on a walking tour of Oxford.

CBL International Oxbridge Programmes brings hundreds of delegates to Oxford (UK) and Cambridge (UK) each year to meet world-class lecturers, professors, institutions, corporations, and new friends. Many of our participants come back year after year to attend new CBL International programmes in USA, Australia, and Dubai.

To continue our success we will strive to bring new courses, new topics, and new locations to our delegates and will make sure that you will have the best and most fulfilling summer ever!

In case you have any younger siblings, or friends, who might be interested in studying abroad in Oxford and Cambridge, please find out here about our Oxford and Cambridge Summer Academy for high school students aged 14 to 19.


Meet Our Team

Faculty Members

Our university programme courses are taught by qualified lecturers, doctors, and Oxford and Cambridge University professors in your chosen field of study. The stimulating lectures are always the highlight of the programme where many students wish we could offer more lectures beyond their already filled schedules.

Programme Director

CBL International Oxbridge Programmes Programme Directors are in charge of the whole programme supervising all academic aspects of the programme as well as all field trips, excursions, spare time activities, and weekend trips.

Our directors have extensive experience in conducting and leading academic programmes and are especially trained in dealing with students both for adults and individuals under the age of 18. They receive special Health & Safety training by CBL International to guarantee the best care for all delegates during their stay with us in the United Kingdom.

Delegate Advisors (DA)

Delegate Advisors (DA) assist the Programme Director and all Deputy Programme Directors in running and conducting the programmes. They are the first point of contact for delegates in guiding and resolving all issues that may arise. Most DAs are current students of Oxford and Cambridge University and therefore have a unique and first-hand insight to what studying at these prestigious institutions is like. They are available at all times throughout the programme.



Our Delegates

CBL International Oxbridge Programmes attracts participants worldwide from all walks of life including high school students, undergraduate students, graduate students, working professionals, and adult learners. As we offer one of the most well-rounded programmes, many students have enjoyed the break from their day to day activities and spent up to 10 weeks with CBL International Oxbridge Programmes.


CBL International Oxbridge Programmes and the University of Oxford (UK) / Cambridge (UK)

We are proud to offer Oxford Summer Institute together with Oriel College, University of Oxford, and Cambridge Summer Institute together with Magdalene College, University of Cambridge. Delegates of these programmes will receive a co-signed certificate as well as an academic transcript detailing their participation and course results. Many delegates obtain academic credit at their home institution by attending one of these programmes.

Oxford & Cambridge Summer Academy is designed, offered, and operated by CBL International, a renowned provider of education abroad programmes worldwide.

We are not affiliated with the University of Oxford or University of Cambridge in any way. All academic and accommodation facilities are leased by CBL International Oxbridge Programmes for the duration of the programme from colleges of the Universities.


Application Process

Applying for an CBL International Oxbridge Programmes is simple.

Fill out an online application form or download and complete the a PDF application form. Apply Now!

If you have additional questions, contact our Academic Advisors at info@cbl-international.com or call them at +44 (0) 1865 236 580. They will gladly guide you through your various options and assist with your booking.